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Since activity has somewhat tapered off, I’ve come to the decision to close the game. It’s been rough, but you’ve all shown that you’re good players and I’m glad to have done a game with you.

If you want to create a game or a fic or anything that’s derived from this game’s plot, you have my okay to do so.

I hope to see you guys in games in the future.

Training Time
Who: Fred and Open
Where: Wolfram & Hart training room
When: 7PM Tuesday 1/12
What: Fred needs to work some things out, and talking is going no where.
Status: Closed

Need to work out some aggression... Collapse )
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The Resume Job
Who: Angel and Eliot
Where: Angel's Office
When: 2PM Thursday 1/14
What: Eliot want's something to do. For once Eliot gets what he wants.
Status: In progress

Let's Go Steal Ourselves a Day jobCollapse )
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Seeking visions
Who: Buffy and Cordelia
Where: Cordy's office
When: Thursday, 1/14, 9:17 AM
What: Just two warriors for the good catching up.
Status: Incomplete

Well, this is awkward...Collapse )

Shelter and the Storm
Who: Buffy and Eliot
Where: Eliot's Townhouse
When: 2 AM Friday 1/15
What: In which Buffy was mobbed, Eliot really dislikes vampires, and Srs business is discussed.
Status: In progress

They say time heals all wounds, but I do not agree...Collapse )
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Appointment with Your New Resident Shrink
Who:  Lilah and Felicia
Where:  Felicia's new office in Wolfram & Hart
When:  Tuesday Afternoon
What:  Lilah's first appointment with the new shrink
Status:  Incomplete

First Day JittersCollapse )
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Burying himself in work while he can.
Who: Wesley, Angel, or anyone else.
Where: Wolfram and Hart, Wesley's Office.
When: Tuesday at 3pm, 1/13
What: Sitting at his desk working.
Status: Complete.

Knows that eventually he will have to deal with Angel.Collapse )
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Never get in a fist fight on a work night...
Who: Open.
Where: Wolfram and Hart, Fred's lab.
When: Tuesday at 3pm, 1/13
What: Exploring the scientific mysteries of the apocalypse or possibly just licking wounds.
Status: In progress.

It never works out the next day... Collapse )
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It's Five O' Clock!
Who: Open.
Where: Wolfram and Hart and The Break Room.
When: Thursday at 5pm, 1/15
What: Dinner at Wolfram and Hart, who'd of thought.
Status: In progress.

And I'm feeling peckish.Collapse )
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Nice View.
Who: Buffy and anyone else.
Where: Wolfram and Hart - Buffy's new office
When: Thursday at 1pm, 1/15
What: Buffy has a lovely new office, and she's settling in.
Status: In progress.

The last time she had an office..Collapse )
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